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Worlds Loudest Whistle


If you for some reason needs a very loud whistle, then check out the HyperWhistle at AmazonUp to 142dB for 2+ mile 8x range of a common sports whistle. Comes with a pair of ear plugs so you won’t make yourself deaf. Used for boating, sporting events, life safety, camping, hiking and whatnot when you need to get someones attention. Or you could just annoy the shit out of people, whistling like there was no tomorrow

Worlds Loudest Whistle

Worlds Loudest Whistle

Worlds Loudest Whistle

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Worlds Loudest Whistle

The HyperWhistle is the way to go if you need to draw attention in noisy envireoments. Comes with a pair of ear plugs so you don't mess your own hearing up. Great whistle for annoying people too