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Window Bird Feeder


Transparent window bird feeder that mounts to your window with suction cups. Watch birds up close while they feast on your goodies, perfect for living room windows, kitchen and offices. The food tray is loose so you can simply lift it out and refill it without having to take down the whole feeder. Drainage holes in the bottom keeps it from filling up with wather, but keeping the seeds in. Your bird friends will love to come to you so there is no need to chase them down with binoculars. Perch design with padded grip on the seed tray means birds will thank you and stick around. Top cover protects birds and seeds from rain and snow

Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

Window Bird Feeder

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Window Bird Feeder

Transparent bird feeder that attatches to windows using suction cups. View birds up close as they feast on the goodies you serve them