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Voke Chewable Energy Tabs


All natural sugar free energy tabs, made from from tea leaves, organic acerola cherry and organic guarana berry seed. Each Voke Tab contains 77 mg caffeine, wich is equal to one small cup of coffee. Comes in a pack with 4 small tin boxes, each containing 7 chewable tabs. That is a total of 28 tabs per pack. This convenient packaging makes Voke accessible whenever you need some extra energy, whether that’s waking up in the morning, at work or in the gym. Voke contains no sugar, artificial flavors, or artificial colors

Voke Energy TabsVoke Energy TabsVoke Energy Tabs

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Voke Chewable Energy Tabs

Package of 4 tin boxes, each with 7 chewable energy tabs. Each tab contains 77 mg caffeine, approximately equal to a small cup of coffee. Sugar free and made from natural leafs and berries