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Soylent Ready To Drink Food


Soylent 2.0 is a nutritionally complete, ready to drink meal in a bottle. The perfect mix of all you need of carbs, fat and protein. One bottle of Soylent contains 400 calories and provides 20% of your daily nutritional needs.  Soylent 2.0 is 100% vegan safe too, with carbohydrates from beets, protein from soy, healthy fats from renewable algae sources. Pleasantly subtle flavor, enjoyable on its own, but also versatile base for smoothies. Each box contains 12 bottles, for $32.30 a box that is only $2.69 per bottle. This product is available on subscription, so you will allways be stocked up without having to order manually every month

Soylent Ready To Drink Food

Soylent Ready To Drink Food

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Soylent Ready To Drink Food

The perfect on the go meal replacement in a ready to drink format with a pleasantly subtle flavor