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Real Sheep Eye Socket Penis Ring


This is the most fucked up shit i have seen on Amazon so far, can’t wait to see what will top this. These Sheep Eye Penis Rings are supposed to be good for impotence,.. Okey, can’t really see how wrapping parts of an animal corpse around your dick would get the party going. It’s also supposed to delay orgasm, that part i can actually imagine working, again due to part about having an animal corpse wrapped around your dick. And those hairs are gross, its like a nasty dick wig, eeew. This would however be the ultimate fucked up fathers day gift. After using this item, the Weener Kleener soap sure would come in handy

Sheep Eye Socket Penis RingSheep Eye Socket Penis Ring

Sheep Eye Socket Penis Ring

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Sheep Eye Socket Penis Ring

And the award for the most fucked up shit of the month goes to this sheep eye penis ring, eeeeew