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PetChatz Two Way Pet Camera


The PetChatz Two Way Pet Camera lets you and your pet have some quality facetime and treat feeding when you are away. Connect and interact with your pet from anywhere through the free PetChatz iOS/Android app or on your desktop. The PetChatz even have specially formulated soothing scents released to help relieve an anxious, scared or nervous pet. With the PetChatz Paw Call wich you must buy seperatly for 99.99 bucks, your pet can call YOU, how cute wouldn’t that be, like 200 times when you are at work or school. This item sure would be perfect for pet owners who don’t like to be away from their pets, or have to leave them alone while on a trip. According to the reviews, this looks like a quality product as well

PetChatz Two Way Pet Camera

PetChatz Two Way Pet CameraPetChatz Two Way Pet Camera

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PetChatz Two Way Pet Camera

This pet camera lets you and your dog watch and talk to eachother, well i guess the human will do most of the talking. The pet can also call you