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Multipurpose Meat Beater


Beat your meat like there is no tomorrow with this cool and shiny Multipurpose Meat Tenderizer from Leifheit. Ergonomic design makes it easier creating perfectly tenderized meat. Reversible screw in disk with flat side for flattening and teethed side for tenderizing. Can also be used for crushing garlic and nuts as well as making bread crumbs and other shit. Dishwasher safe so it’s easier to clean after using on pork, poultry, beef and whatever else activities you might find this useful for. The smooth perfectly shaped handle, cool to the touch, makes this enjoyable by both men and women. You really need this for your,. kitchen..

Meat Tenderizer

Meat Tenderizer  Meat Tenderizer And Flattener

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Multipurpose Meat Beater

Nice and shiny tool for beating your meat and enjoying other activities with it. The perfectly shaped smooth handle makes it perfect for both men and women. Dishwaser safe and easy to clean after you have achieved satisfying results using it