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Memory Foam Wallet


Sitting on your wallet won’t be a pain in the ass anymore with this Memory Foam Wallet. Perfectly conforming to any pocket, you can now carry more than ever, while saving space and looking stylish. Memory foam was originally designed by NASA to give astronauts something comfortable to sit on during launch. Thanks to its success, it’s now used to make mattresses and pillows. So why not other things we frequently handle, store and sit on? The Memory Foam Wallet compresses to 1/8 of an inch thick when sat on, or slipped into any tight compartment, making it one of the thinnest bi-folds on the market. With the capacity to handle up to 14 cards and 20 bills, it’s functional, sleek, and fits perfectly anywhere

Memory Foam WalletMemory Foam WalletMemory Foam Wallet

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Memory Foam Wallet

This soft and comfortable smart wallet will shape after your pockets and position. Now having your wallet in the back pocket won't be a pain in the ass anymore. This would also make a nifty gift