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Inflatable Bumper Bubble


Create your own personal space with this Inflatable Bumper Bubble. Perfect to use in crowded places like subways, concerts and shopping malls. Or you can use them for their true purpose, bubble football. Bubble Football is where teams of people get together to play football or soccer wearing giant bubbles, allowing them to bump, roll and flip over whilst trying to score a goal. These inflatable bubbles can be used by small children as well as adults. If you plan to supply a whole team, you probably need to dig deep in your savings

Inflatable Bumper Bubble
Inflatable Bumper BubbleInflatable Bumper Bubble

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Inflatable Bumper Bubble

Create your own personal space with these inflatable bumper bubbles, perfect to use in crowded places. Or play seriously fun Bumper Football with them, as they are intended to