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HotTug HotTub Boat


Cruise around on rivers, lakes and oceans while having some drinks in a hottub at the same time, with the one and only HotTug. For only 25K dollars plus some thousands in shipping you could be the proud owner of this eye catching ride. The HotTug was designed and invented by Dutch designer Frank de Bruijn from ‘Supergoed’. The HotTug is a unique concept and is designed with love and attention to detail. The shape, the use of materials and the bright colours break with the traditions of the nautical world. The characteristic skin of polyester with stainless steel and chestnut wood gives the HotTug a fresh and bright look and feel. It’s not just the concept but also the design that brings a smile to the faces of the people sitting in it and the people watching it. What better way to spend all your life your savings than on this fabulous thing?

HotTug HotTub Boat

HotTug HotTub Boat

HotTug HotTub Boat

HotTug HotTub Boat

Combine a boat with a hottub and you get this thing. Drive around on rivers, lakes and the ocean, while enjoying a hot bath at the same time