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Category: Weird Stuff

Weird stuff to buy for any gift occation. If you are looking for a unique gift for men then these weird gifts will be perfect. WalletWrecker have found the weirdest stuff for sale and gathered it all here

WEIRD STUFF Haunted Doll With Sound

Haunted Doll With Sound

Toughen up kids by replacing their cute silly dolls with this haunted doll with sound. When activated, the doll says the following phrases:"Come play with me" "I'm watching you" ...

WEIRD STUFF Alaska Dried Cucumber

Alaska Dried Cucumber

Behold the poop looking Alaska Dried Cucumber that turns into something alienish when hydrated. Supposedly it's a good source for protein, but with that nasty look i think i stick ...

WEIRD STUFF Sequence Cats

Sequence Cats

Not really sure what the hell Sequence Cats is all about, looks like some kinda Tic Tac Toe or Bingo board game. However it does have cats in it, lots and lots of cats, and that ...

WEIRD STUFF Baconopoly Board Game

Baconopoly Board Game

There are probably billions of themed Monopoly games, but the Baconopoly gotta be one of the weirdest i have seen. Everything about the old classic Monopoly have been replaced ...

WEIRD STUFF Kelloggs Lip Balm

Kelloggs Lip Balm

Enjoy the flavour of your favourite cereal all day long with this Kelloggs Lip Balm set. This variety pack of Lip Balms consists of 5 classic Kellogg's cereal flavours. And all of ...

WEIRD STUFF Two Live Hissing Cockroaches

Two Live Hissing Cockroaches

If you are looking for some low maintenance pets then these live hissing cockroaches should be just perfect. Or you can buy a hundred and let out in your friends apartment. This ...

WEIRD STUFF Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Pillow

The Boyfriend Pillow is the perfect for those lonely nights when you can't find a man to hold around you. No mather if you are a woman, man, straight, gay, this guy won't judge ...

WEIRD STUFF Salmon Fillet Pillow

Salmon Fillet Pillow

If you have been searching all your life for a Salmon Fillet Pillow, you are weird, but you just found one. This pillow is made of quality durable cotton and looks just like an ...

WEIRD STUFF Jesus Sandwich Maker

Jesus Sandwich Maker

Imprint a picture of Jesus on your sandwiches with this diving Jesus Sandwich Maker from OMR Goods. This is perfect for those moments when you want to feel Jesus deep inside you. ...

WEIRD STUFF Edible Chocolate Anus

Edible Chocolate Anus

The unassuming black display box contains three gourmet anus chocolate sphincters, each one carefully cast from the immaculate anus of a kind, female stranger. It might be the ...

WEIRD STUFF Blooth Bath Math

Blooth Bath Math

Surprise your guests with this anti slip Blood Bath Math that makes it look like the woman of the house got her period, or a horrific murder have taken place. The backside is ...

SHITTY STUFF Gravy Flavoured Candy

Gravy Flavoured Candy

Everybody loves gravy and everybody loves candy, that means Gravy Candy has to be an instant hit. Well according to the reviews this was as far from a hit as possible. "It leaves ...

WEIRD STUFF Uranium Ore Paperweight

Uranium Ore Paperweight

One sample of naturally radioactive uranium ore wrapped inside polyester plastic, perfect for weighing down your insanely huge stacks of paper floating around. Each uranium ore ...

WEIRD STUFF Fondoodler Cheese Gun

Fondoodler Cheese Gun

The Fondoodler Cheese Gun is the ultimate tool for cheese lovers who want to put melted cheese on fucking everything they force down the hole. This gun works with all cheeses that ...

WEIRD STUFF Crafting With Cat Hair

Crafting With Cat Hair

Do you have a hairy pussy? Well don't let all your wonderful pussy hair go to waste. With the help of Crafting With Cat Hair you can turn your pussy hair into cute finger puppets ...

WEIRD STUFF Extremely Ugly Sweathers

Extremely Ugly Sweathers

Behold some of the the ugliest sweathers ever made. If you are looking for a prank gift then one of these should do the trick. Only the bravest soul would wear one of these in ...

WEIRD STUFF Edible Zebra Tarantula

Edible Zebra Tarantula

Are you bored of eating the same snacks day in and day out? Then check out this boiled and dehydrated Zebra Tarantula from Newport Jerky Company. No artifictal flavouring or ...

WEIRD STUFF Redneck Toilet Plunger

Redneck Toilet Plunger

With this Redneck Toilet Plunger you will hope you clog your toilet every time you take a shit. Not only does it look like a shotgun, but it sounds like one, well not really, and ...

WEIRD STUFF Worlds Largest Gummy Worm

Worlds Largest Gummy Worm

The worlds largest gummy worm comes with 4000 calories of cherry and raspberry flavour. That is food for like 2 days, bring it along on hiking or weddings and just grab a bite ...

WEIRD STUFF Black Baby Circumcision Trainer

Black Baby Circumcision Trainer

Have you ever wondered how it would be to circumcise a black baby? Well now you finally can find out, this Black Baby Circumcision Trainer doll comes with six itty bitty dicks you ...

WEIRD STUFF Real Sheep Eye Socket Penis Ring

Real Sheep Eye Socket Penis Ring

This is the most fucked up shit i have seen on Amazon so far, can't wait to see what will top this. These Sheep Eye Penis Rings are supposed to be good for impotence,.. Okey, ...

WEIRD STUFF Bacon Strip Bandages

Bacon Strip Bandages

Collectible tin can containing 15 Bacon Bandages for any non lethal wounds. Look good with a pice of bacon on your body while you treat your scratch or cut. If you do any kind of ...

WEIRD STUFF Barrel Of Waterbased Lube

Barrel Of Waterbased Lube

What are you going to do with all this lube?! Wrestling match? Biggest adult party ever? If you are looking for a simply jaw dropping amount of lube, Passion Natural Water Based ...

WEIRD STUFF Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

This Camera Lens Coffee Mug from uHome is kinda cool and weird at the same time. It is a replica of the Canon Lens Model EF 24-105mm f / 4L IS USM Lens, with 13.5oz / 400ml ...

WEIRD STUFF 100 Grams 99.9% Pure Gallium

100 Grams 99.9% Pure Gallium

Now what is this silvery chunk of crap and why do i need it? Well obviously you need Gallium because its weird and cool at the same time. Gallium have a melting point of 85 ...

WEIRD STUFF 1500 Live Ladybugs

1500 Live Ladybugs

Create a ladybug colony with this pack of 1500 Live Ladybugs. Everybody loves ladybugs, so you can surprise your friends by letting some bags out inside their homes. The pack also ...