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Category: Stupid Stuff

Stupid stuff to buy as funny gifts for any occation. WalletWrecker searches internet daily for the best and the worst stupid stuff for sale. These stupid gifts are bound to be a success on any occation


Egg Laying Hen

How can you not order the Egg Laying Hen after watching the amazing video above? For only 40 bucks you can get this stupid toy where you put the eggs in on top, click the button ...

WEIRD STUFF Hyperlips Mouth Piece

Hyperlips Mouth Piece

With this amazing Hyperlips Mouth Piece you can allways show off your perfect white teeth while riding the subway, shopping or working out at the gym. This is also great if you ...

FUNNY STUFF Useless Turn Itself Off Machine

Useless Turn Itself Off Machine

The sole purpose of this Useless Turn Itself Off Machine is to,.. turn it self off once activated. When you flip the switch, a cute tiger pops out of the box and turns it off ...

SHITTY STUFF Classic Grey 6361 Dollar Caviar

Classic Grey 6361 Dollar Caviar

Product description from the seller: Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar is among the favorites of those who strives for the highest quality products! It is harvested from Sevruga the ...

SHITTY STUFF Set Of 5 Stupid Finger Hands

Set Of 5 Stupid Finger Hands

This have got to be one of the most stupid things i have seen. The Finger Hands Set is what the name says, 5 small hands you put on your fingers. This item does not even come in a ...

SHITTY STUFF Unicorn Hand Pupped

Unicorn Hand Pupped

Turn your hand into a majestic magical beast with this Unicorn Hand Puppet from Archie McPhee. Buy it for yourself and have up to 10 seconds of fun before you throw it away, or ...

SHITTY STUFF One Jar Of Absolutely Nothing

One Jar Of Absolutely Nothing

You probably have some friends or family members who allways says nothing, when you ask what they wish for, well here is the perfect gift for them. This ceramic jar filled up with ...

WEIRD STUFF How To Good Bye Depression

How To Good Bye Depression

Okey wtf.., i don't even know where to begin, so here is the description for the How To Good Bye Depression book from Amazon: I think constricting anus 100 times and denting navel ...

SHITTY STUFF Old Woman With Inhaler

Old Woman With Inhaler

Spice up your living room with this high quality semi gloss peel and stick picture of an Old Woman With Inhaler. Choose from 5 different sizes, from small to extra large. Well ...

SHITTY STUFF Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

What better gift can you give to a cat owner than the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figurine Set. You can even buy this for yourself, with 6 cats you will have unlimited hours of fun. The ...