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Category: Funny Stuff

Funny stuff to buy for men for any gift occation. WalletWrecker searches the internet for the best funny gifts that are bound to be a success on any gift occation. Check out our big collection of funny gift ideas here

FUNNY STUFF Fucking Adorable Coloring Book

Fucking Adorable Coloring Book

Have a laught at kids who can't read while they innocently color these cute creatures full of sweary insults. From an adorable raccoon calling someone a cumstain to a ...

FUNNY STUFF I Love Cock Coffee Cup

I Love Cock Coffee Cup

This is a great gift for farmers who have hens and cocks on their farm, or just give it to any of your friends who love cocks of all kinds and shapes. This would also make a great ...

FUNNY STUFF Tiny Dick Adult Coloring Book

Tiny Dick Adult Coloring Book

Here is the perfect gift for your friends and family members who love to colorize drawings of dicks. You don't have to be big to do great things. Tiny Dick proves that in this ...

FUNNY STUFF Food With Naughty Names

Food With Naughty Names

Here are some food products that will make you giggle or go wtf if you ever come across them in a store

FUNNY STUFF Floral Penis Mug

Floral Penis Mug

This cute flower cup is actually just a bunch of cocks in all shapes and sizes. Bring your Floral Penis Cup to the office or school and see how long it takes before anyone ...

FUNNY STUFF Teatanic Tea Infuser

Teatanic Tea Infuser

Put your favourite tea inside the Teatanic Tea Infuser and let it sink in your cup, if this doesn't make you giggle what will? The infuser is constructed from silicone, which is ...

FUNNY STUFF Fake Activation Stickers

Fake Activation Stickers

Do some real life trolling with this pack of voice and motion activated stickers. Slap them up on stuff in public places, sit back and enjoy watching people look like idiots. This ...

FUNNY STUFF Catopoly Board Game

Catopoly Board Game

If you like Monopoly and cats, then Catopoly is your new favourite board game. Buy your favorite cats such as the Tonkinese, the Ragdoll, the Abyssinian, the Sphinx or the Maine ...

FUNNY STUFF HotTug HotTub Boat

HotTug HotTub Boat

Cruise around on rivers, lakes and oceans while having some drinks in a hottub at the same time, with the one and only HotTug. For only 25K dollars plus some thousands in shipping ...

FUNNY STUFF Guzzle Buddy

Guzzle Buddy

Drink straight from the bottle without looking like a savage with the Guzzle Buddy. Simply plug the glass on the neck of any bottle to turn the bottle into a drinking glass. Now ...

FUNNY STUFF Pissing Garden Elf

Pissing Garden Elf

If you have a yard with a tree then you need this supercute Pissing Garden Elf from Bits and Pieces. It is not so very big, so it would also be perfect to slap up next to potty ...

FUNNY STUFF Giant Life Size Yeti Statue

Giant Life Size Yeti Statue

What better way to spend your hard earned 2400 bucks than to invest in this Life Size Yeti Statue. Design Toscano has captured the mythical giant Bigfoot in a breathtaking life ...

FUNNY STUFF Trump Troll Doll

Trump Troll Doll

Sculptist Chuck Williams have raised over $438K on Kickstarter to fund the production of the hilarious Trump Troll Doll. The doll is not available yet as it haven't started ...

FUNNY STUFF Gay 4 Pay Tshirt

Gay 4 Pay Tshirt

Wear this gay 4 pay tshirt in public places for fun, or perhaps use it to make some extra money. If you are looking for a funny gag gift for friends and family, then this tshirt ...

FUNNY STUFF Hatching Dinosaur Candle

Hatching Dinosaur Candle

This candle hatches a dinosaur as it burns down, perfect way to spend 30 British Punds. You do however end up with a cute porcelain raptor once it's fully hatched. You're likely ...

FUNNY STUFF Star Wars Kitchen Timer

Star Wars Kitchen Timer

Now you can enjoy the beeping sounds of BB-8 once your meal is done cooking. Officially licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise, perfect for any Star Wars lovers who ...

FUNNY STUFF Time Locking Container

Time Locking Container

If you are on a diet but got some sweet stuff laying around, then this Time Locking Container will prevent you from falling off the wagon. Slap whatever you got in the container, ...

FUNNY STUFF Iphone Chocolate Box

Iphone Chocolate Box

Crush your kids dreams about a new phone with this Iphone Chocolate Box. Instead of receiving a phone, they get a delicious plate of chocolate instead as a comfort. If you have no ...

FUNNY STUFF Unicorn Coffee Mug

Unicorn Coffee Mug

The interwebs fucking love Unicorn stuff, now you can have your morning coffee in this magical and fabulous Unicorn Coffee Mug from ThinkGeek. This mug holds up to 16 ounces of ...

FUNNY STUFF Pallet Coasters

Pallet Coasters

This pack contains 5 cute and funny pallet coasters that looks just like the real thing, except a whole lot smaller. These are perfect if you work in construction, a factory or ...

FUNNY STUFF Pug Life Unisex T-Shirt

Pug Life Unisex T-Shirt

These 100% preshrunk Pug Life T-shirts are available in 16 different color variations. Printed in the USA Exclusively by Hot Ass Tees. Funny for everyone, even if you don't have a ...

FUNNY STUFF 10 Games To Get The Party Started

10 Games To Get The Party Started

Take your drinking nights to a whole new level with these fun and effective party games. Now you don't have to wait for people to get drunk before the party starts to get fun, ...

FUNNY STUFF Unicorn Foam Ball Popper

Unicorn Foam Ball Popper

This Unicorn Foam Ball Popper can shoot the balls up to 20 feet away. Stick the ball in the unicorns mouth, press the body and watch them pop away. This popper comes with 6 ...

FUNNY STUFF Wingman Shot Glass

Wingman Shot Glass

The Wingman Shot Glass is the perfect funny way for two people to get drunk together. Simply fill up the tube with some heavy alcohol, grab each your end and let the fun begin. ...

FUNNY STUFF Embarrassing Box Prank

Embarrassing Box Prank

Have a laugh on your friends expense by shipping this embarrassing prank box from Big Ass Dildos to them. Choose Expedited Shipping to upgrade your prank and make them sign for ...

FUNNY STUFF Remote Control Tarantula

Remote Control Tarantula

Here you have a Remote Control Tarantula for scaring people, this probably works best on old people as it makes a sound while moving. Great way to get that inheritance early. ...

FUNNY STUFF Snake Toilet Seat Sticker

Snake Toilet Seat Sticker

Snake toilet seat sticker to scare the shit out of your bathroom visitors. I would probably scare myself every time too because i fucking hate snakes, and i allways fear one ...

FUNNY STUFF Shark Wine Bottle Holder

Shark Wine Bottle Holder

Handcrafted Shark Wine Bottle Holder that are guaranteed to put a smile on your visitors face. These bottle holders are hand made and hand painted, so colors may vary slightly ...

FUNNY STUFF Shark Salt And Pepper Holder

Shark Salt And Pepper Holder

These individually hand crafted Shark Salt And Pepper Holders will make the perfect gift to your shark loving friends, or to yourself as they probably would look pretty frikkin ...

FUNNY STUFF Squirrel Toilet Seat Decal

Squirrel Toilet Seat Decal

This Squirrel Toilet Seat Decal is just brilliant. Surprise your bathroom guests or give it away as a perfect gift to your favourite prankster. This is a sticker that you simply ...

FUNNY STUFF Shark Attack Sushi Platter

Shark Attack Sushi Platter

Serve your sushi in a funny way with these Shark Attack Sushi Plates from WhatOnEarth. These plates are made of ceramic and painted by hand. The tail is great for holding ...

FUNNY STUFF Giant Playing Dice Set

Giant Playing Dice Set

Spice up your Yahtzee sessions with this Giant Playing Dice Set from GoSports. Includes 6 sanded wooden dice with premium canvas carrying case. Perfect fun for garden parties, ...

FUNNY STUFF Giant Tumbling Timbers

Giant Tumbling Timbers

These Giant Tumbling Timbers are perfect as a family activity, or most important, the best drunk game ever for your garden party or barbeque. 56 Solid timbers measuring 7.5 x 2.5 ...

FUNNY STUFF Zombie Coffee Mug

Zombie Coffee Mug

Drink your coffee in a creepy style with this hand painted Zombie Coffee Mug made of ceramic. Holds 8 ounches of your favourite beverage, or you can just use it as a creepy ...

FUNNY STUFF Inflatable Bumper Bubble

Inflatable Bumper Bubble

Create your own personal space with this Inflatable Bumper Bubble. Perfect to use in crowded places like subways, concerts and shopping malls. Or you can use them for their true ...

FUNNY STUFF Color Changing Coffee Mug

Color Changing Coffee Mug

Funny coffee mug that changes color when it's heated. This mug changes color completely, not just partially. The Changing Color Mug is special because when it is empty and cold, ...

FUNNY STUFF Ice Cream Doorstop

Ice Cream Doorstop

Keep your door open in a funny way with this ice cream doorstop from ThumbsUp. Send clean freaks crazy in one fell swoop with this dropped ice cream door stop. So realistic you ...

FUNNY STUFF Unicorn Bottle holder

Unicorn Bottle holder

Stash your favourite wine bottle in this white Unicorn Bottle Holder with black satanic eyes from Home'n Gifts. Made of high quality polyresin, hand painted and polished. This ...

FUNNY STUFF Cat Pirate Costume

Cat Pirate Costume

With this cat pirate costume you can instantly turn your cute kitteh into a blood thirsty fierce pirate of the Caribbean. This designer pet outfit will bring both style and ...

FUNNY STUFF Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Squatty Potty Toilet Stool

Shit the right way with the world famous Squatty Potty. All your life you have your dumps the wrong way, but now you can finally start doing it right, no more time to play Candy ...

FUNNY STUFF Coin Eating Dog Piggybank

Coin Eating Dog Piggybank

Save your coins in a stupid semi-funny way with this Coin Eating Dog Piggybank. Place a coin onto the tray, and watch as it happily munches away! The consumed coins are stored in ...

FUNNY STUFF German Shepherd Mask

German Shepherd Mask

Did you know there are millions of people across the globe that feels like German Shepherds trapped inside a human body? With this German Sheperd Latex Mask you can show your true ...