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Edible Chocolate Anus


The unassuming black display box contains three gourmet anus chocolate sphincters, each one carefully cast from the immaculate anus of a kind, female stranger. It might be the cheeky, often outlawed sex muscle but you can’t deny that it’s a powerful symbol of intimacy. And, given the right flavouring the anus can be a highly decadent treat. This is the year you open up to that special someone, spread the love, really spoil with them a spot of indulgent anal feasting. Let them know that your heart is in the right place with this thoroughly tongue in cheek gift. The video above is probably the best unboxing video i have seen, ever

Edible Chocolate Anus

Edible Chocolate Anus

Edible Chocolate Anus

One box containing 3 premium Belgian chocolates formed as an anus. Perfect to practice rimming or as a funny gift to someone you love, or hate. Eat it all up or let it dissolve on the tongue