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Classic Grey 6361 Dollar Caviar


Product description from the seller: Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar is among the favorites of those who strives for the highest quality products! It is harvested from Sevruga the trim and small member of the Sturgeon family usually farmed in Caspian Sea. Despite of the small size of the fish comparing to Osetra and Beluga, the Sevruga caviar is considered to have the most intense and rich flavor among other caviar. Oh my, well i’m sold, shut up and take my money. Not sure what’s going on here, but the producer of these overpriced fish eggs sell them for under half the price on their own website, but the reviews on Amazon makes a good read. Im putting this under stupid stuff due to the overpricing on Amazon, gee wiz..

Classic Grey Sevruga CaviarClassic Grey Sevruga Caviar

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Overpriced Silly Slimy Fisheggs

The perfect way to wreck your wallet. These little slimy fisheggs only costs 6361 dollars at amazon, twice as much as on the sellers own website