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BlueSmart One Suitcase


The BlueSmart One suitcase is probably one of the most useful things on this site per now. If you travel a lot, then this is your new best friend, packed with features like built in GPS tracker, built in scale that lets you keep track of your weight, lock and unlock controlled with your phone. Battery with 2 USB charging ports can charge your devices up to six times over. If your Bluesmart is ever separated from you (”re-routed” by an airline, forgotten in the back of a cab, or snatched by thieves), you can use your suitcase’s 3G + GPS capabilities to track its location from anywhere in the world. BlueSmart provide global coverage in partnership with Telefonica, no subscription or fee required. Check out the store for more info about this

BlueSmart One Suitcase

BlueSmart One Suitcase

BlueSmart One Suitcase

BlueSmart One Suitcase

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BlueSmart One Suitcase

The ultimate suitcase for the frequent flyer. Never lose track of it with the built in GPS tracker, built in scale and emergency charger for your phone and pads. If you travel a lot, you need this suitcase