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A Practical Guide To Racism


Meet C. H. Dalton, a professor of racialist studies and an expert on inferior people of all ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual preferences, presenting evidence that everyone should be hated. The book takes the nine races and looks at each one individually in a faux-19th Century quasi-scientific approach. It examines Hispanics, Jews, Whites, Indians and Injuns, Blacks, Asians, Merpeople, Arabs, and Gypsies. Need I say more? The glory of the book is that it catches you laughing at racist remarks but at the same time reminds you of how utterly ridiculous racism is. This book is available as hardcover, paperback and kindle

A Practical Guide To Racism

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A Practical Guide To Racism

C.H. Dalton presenting evidence that everyone should be hated, A Practical Guide to Racism contains sparkling bits of wisdom on all races