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100 Grams 99.9% Pure Gallium


Now what is this silvery chunk of crap and why do i need it? Well obviously you need Gallium because its weird and cool at the same time. Gallium have a melting point of 85 degrees, meaning you can melt the chunk in your hand, turning it into a liquid that looks like mercury, but without the toxic fumes. Let it cool down and it returns to a solid state, so here you will have unlimited hours of molding it into whatever you want, great way to keep you occupied from working and doing other boring everyday stuff

100 Grams Pure Gallium100 Grams Pure Gallium 100 Grams Pure Gallium

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100 Grams 99.9% Pure Gallium

Silverish metal that you can melt in your hand, once the gallium cools down it returns to a solid state. Kinda like mercury, but non toxic