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10 Games To Get The Party Started


Take your drinking nights to a whole new level with these fun and effective party games. Now you don’t have to wait for people to get drunk before the party starts to get fun, just pull out one of these games and have fun from the very start, or you can keep it as a backup if things are starting to get boring. Also works great as an icebreaker when new people get together for the first time. Now let us move on to the actual list


1: Mini Pong. Tabletop version of a popular social game where players launch a ball into their opponents cups in an attempt to clear the board. Perfect for happy hour, pregames, parties and traveling with its compact size and portable features. Use tequila or vodka instead of beer for maximum results

Mini Pong


2: Roulette Drinking Game. This set includes spinning roulette wheel, two balls, and 16 numbered glass shot glasses. To play, simply turn the wheel to see whose number is up. If your shot glass corresponds to the number played, empty the glass and spin it again. Everyone wins in this fun drinking game of chance

Roulette Drinking Game


3: Out Of Commission Party Game. This game transforms the classic style board game into a new experience of its own in which players undergo an invigorating race to victory.  On their journey, players face various challenges that will leave your abs sore from hysterical laughter, while getting drunk on the way

Out Of Commission Party Game


4: Darts Shot Game. Let’s get the party started! Show your social drinking skills are right on target with the magnetic Dart Shot Game. Aim carefully, or the next shot is yours to drink. Features target with game rules, metal stand, 4 magnetic darts, and 4 shot glasses. This is pretty small and easy to carry with you

Darts Shot Game


5: Sudsball Drinking Game. Pinball styled game where you shoot the ball away, and let faith decide where it lands. Each player gets a shot glass of his own, whenever that color is triggered, down the shot goes. Or just make up your own rules, like using 4 kinds of various strenght shots. This board is 15 inches long

Sudsball Drinking Game


6: Chess Or Checkers. Fancy glass chess board with 32 shot glasses and checkers, either play chess or checkers while getting drunk. This set also comes with a deck of playing cards, no frikkin idea why, but i’m sure you can turn that into a drinking game too. If you suck at chess, your night will probably end early

Chess Or Checkers Drinking Game


7: Drink-A-Palooza: The ultimate adult drinking board game. If you like Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Quarters and all the college drinking party games then you will love the Drink-A-Palooza board game. Drink-A-Palooza is known by college students as the “best drinking game ever”. Well it sure looks like a lot of fun



8: Shooters And Ladders. The old school Ropes And Ladders game with a twist. This cool looking game comes with a glass board, 6 shot glasses and a dice. The goal is like the classic game, get to the top as quick as possible, underway you will probably have to take some shots. From 2 players and up

Shooters And Ladders


9: Bingo Shot Game. Very simple but effective drinking game where each player gets a colored shot glass, whenever their color is chosen, they have to drink. This game comes with 6 shot glasses and 6 different colored balls, so obviously this game is ment for up to 6 players. For less players just remove some colors

Bingo Shot Game


10: Drunken TowerBuilding blocks just got a whole lot more interesting with the Grab a Piece Tower Drinking Game. Test how skilled you and your friends are as you deconstruct the blocks and follow out the drinking command on your chosen block. Set includes 4 shot glasses and 60 wooden stacking blocks

Drunken Tower

You have reached the end of the list. Check out the products below for more time killing entertainment. Join WalletWrecker on FaceBook for daily updates

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