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Freakshakes Kits


Freakshakes Kits

Freakshakes Kits

Freakshakes KitsFreakshakes Kits

Throw away the rulebook on milkshake making and get proper messy with Freakshakes. Extra thick, creamy, melty, crunchy and stupidly oversized – these Freakshake kits come with everything you need to make your own overindulgent delicacies, including a reusable glass mason jar. All you have to do is add your own milk and ice cream, then lazily mix in the other ingredients for sweet Freakshake delirium. Choose between the vibrant delights of the ‘Rainbow’ or the absolute chocolate excess of ‘Fully Loaded Chocolate’

Freakshakes Kits

These kits contains what you need to make Freakshakes, you do however gotta buy ice cream and milk on your own. 2 different styles to choose from, Rainbow and Fully Loaded Chocolate. Comes with a nifty reusable mason jar with a handle